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Buggy $h!t

Actually, I was just wondering how the hell the E. Coli gets in our gut
the first place (You could always call this question "Buggy Shit" for
entertainment value). Background in case you aren't scientists: We
have E.
Coli in our intestines that help us digest food. But a baby doesn't
have it
when it's in her mom. There isn't E.Coli in Breast milk, and hopefully
isn't in their food. So where does it come from?

Another one of these, where they answer their own question. 

You know the ironic thing? When I told my husband about emailing you with
the question (about getting E.Coli in the gut) He jokingly called me stupid
because they did cover that in one of his classes. It really does come from
the kid's hands. They have to ingest E.Coli. So whoever's kid eats the
most shit will have solid poop faster. REALLY yucky! But hey, if you want
solid poop (=easier to change diapers) Stop washing off your baby's hands :)
There may be a better explanation out there somewhere. (I really hoped this
wasn't the answer, it's pretty gross)

Wow, that's all I am going to say. 

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