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Why is there braille on ATM machines?

From:  "Justin"

I want to know why is there braille on drive through ATM machines?  blind people cant even drive. I know its the law but why?

Todd was nice enough to email us with this thoughtful answer:

all atms can be used by a blind person. in the case of a drive through atms, the blind person can walk up to the atm. once at any atm, a blind person can use the brail to withdrawal money.

Sarah on the other hand came up with this not so nice come back:

listen Justin, sure. blind people cant drive...but have you ever thought of the blind guy in the passenger seat?? huh?? maybe he wants to get money quickly and easily in a drive through atm too!! and if you think about it...its easier for them then getting out of a car and fumbling around with a cane and tripping on the curb and shit when they can just lean over their driver and punch a few buttons. I think that maybe, just maybe, drive through atm's are actually made for blind people in the first place. have an open mind. not only people who can see have money...

And the ATM saga continues:

Justin, obviously the people that make the ATM's don't wanna have to make two molds. Why would they? It's just more efficient to give the people that can see, brail.

Todd, any blind man that finds the drive-thru ATM must be able to see!! Somebody has to lead him to the ATM and who is gonna lead him to the one in the drive-thru.

Sarah, chill out and don't be so offended. The blind guy would have to be in the back seat. If he was in the passenger seat, he'd have to reach over the driver and it would beat the purpose of him doing it. He might as well give the card to the driver, seeing that the driver will see the password anyway. It's more likely that a blind man would be in a taxi.

A better question is how does a blind person know what the screen is telling him to do and which buttons to press. ATM's are different, so it's not like they could memorize the system, unless somebody showed once and they consistently went to the same ATM.

Its like a message board except with slower response times and  no notification.  ~Shaun


We yet again wanted to add another chapter to the saga:


Kile, First, it's "braille," not "brail." Second, it's there because of Federal law. the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, Public Law 101-336, requires it. This is also why there are braille instructions and labels in elevators.


Hope this answers everyones questions, if not, well... I guess we'll add to it again.... *Lauren*

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