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What was the first book??

From:  "Trini Vargas"

What was the first book written with a typewriter?

We received a number of responses to this question, so we'll let you decide which is the correct answer.

Todd was the first to respond with this: 

I believe you can't write a book with a typewriter. Before the invention of the printing press, all books were written by hand. Thats why they were rare and expensive.

Charity gave us this answer: 

although not known for certain, it's rumored that it was The Adventures of Tom Sawyer by Mark Twain.

Stephen Hammond disagreed and thought this: 

The first book ever written with a typewriter was the Bible.

rebel agreed with Charity: 

in respone to 'what was the first book?' well, the first novel was Tom Sawyer by Mark Twain. go here; Click me

Amr Shalakani gave us their thoughts to what could be correct: 

Regarding the question of "what was the first book?"......the first hand-written one...well I don't think anybody knows for sure... might be Egyptians or Chinese. As for the first printed one it was the Bible in German language printed by the German man who invented printing! Guttenberg. thanks

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