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 The BMV

The BMV takes bad pictures so what if you look bad will it be good?

Shouldn't be too hard to get an answer from the BMV =) They like it when people call and ask them questions

Background:  This one came from one of the co-workers where we all work

From: Nick
Sent: Thursday, November 07, 2002 8:00 PM
To: questions@stupidquestionsanswered.com
Subject: I have a stupid question!

Saw this on a car commercial

On your drivers license, if you are bald, what do they put for hair color?

Info:  Well this one is a bit strange as well but I'm sure the BMV love it when people call in and ask them questions that have nothing to do with cars and/or how much a new license costs =P After talking to the wonderful people at the BMV is that actually place BLD on your drivers license.  Go figure.  You could easy change your identity by shaving your head and getting a DL picture. :)


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