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Blink 182 and Green Day mystery

From: Michael Vickers

I wanted to know the meaning behind the names of two bands. Green Day and Blink-182. I figure that Green Day has to do with their marijuana days. As for Blink-182, I heard that there was an Irish band named Blink, and they added the number based on how many times the f word was said in godfather, but where did the Blink come from.

Buzz was one of the first to send in this answer:

The group Green Day got its name from an early detractor of the group, a teacher I believe, in the high school they were in when they started the band. The quote was something like "It will be a Green Day in Hell before you make any money playing music"

Then we got this email from Alison and silly me thought that she must have discussed this with Buzz about what they thought the right answer was then I did notice there was a little difference... not much but there is one.

I heard that Green Day came from once when they were talking to someone, perhaps a teacher, about their band and how they were going to be famous. The teacher replied "It'll be a green day in Hell the day that you become famous." or something along those lines. It may just a be a rumor thought, so you may want to check.

And last but not least one of our very own SQA crew members, Paul came up with this:

There is no meaning behind the numbers in Blink 182, they just picked random numbers.

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