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What are on the blind signs?

From:  "Mike"

Do the braille signs on public restrooms inform the blind of where the toilet and sink are located? If not, why not?

TB reported back to head quarters with this answer: 

M for men, W for women. There is no braille for location and placement for fixtures due to the varying sizes of each rest room . The blind navigate chiefly by counting steps so the amount of steps will be different between someone who 5 foot tall and someone who is 6 foot tall.

i know all gave us his expert advice on the situation: 

because one of my many talents is reading brail I know this answer. on the signs it says what is printed on it. so most of the time it just says women's room or men's room. they do not tell where everything is located because a bathroom is so small that they can tell where things are and so there is no point in typing up a sign for it.

Catt simply answered with this: 

No they just say Male and Female, as to why not, there isn't enough room for a description plus what if someone opened the door as they was reading?

^*^ summed up everything with this: 

for the question about brail signs on the brail letters say the same thing that it says in print. they do not say where tings are located because those who are blind know how a bathroom is set up so they can find things

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