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How did this get named?

From:  "Geoffrey Ludwig"

How did Ben Gay get it's name? Did some scientist named Ben come up with a name for his antidote for muscle and arthritis pain, then some guy walked into Ben's lab and needed a massage from Ben with his antidote, then Ben's boss walked into the lab and caught him rubbing this stuff on another guy, and claimed to Ben that he is gay? That would be funny!

TB did research and found this: 

Ben Gay is a topical liniment/analgesic whose main ingredient is Methyl Salicyate, Menthol and camphor. It has been around since 1898 and it is marketed by Pfizer. The inventor was Dr. Benjamin Gay. The word "gay" as not in use until after World War II and became popular phrasing in the fifties due to the seemingly effeminate nature of some homosexuals. By then the brand name BEN GAY was a household name and it would have been too costly to change the name of a product that is sold worldwide.

Jax added this: 

It was developed in the late 1800's by a French pharmacist, Dr Bengue. BenGay is a salicylate cream that reduces muscle and joint pain without the potential side effects of an oral treatment.

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