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Where does Belly Button lint come from?

From:  "Confused and Bored"

Okay, here's my really stupid question... Where does belly button lint come from? And how in the world does it get there? I mean, I was in the shower, ridding my naval pf this vile offender when the question just popped into my head. I MUST KNOW!!!

TB started the answers with this: 

We are constantly shedding material off ourselves. Clothing gets abraded through normal use. People who have "innie" bellybuttons tend to collect more of this stuff due to gravity and moisture. This accumulation is compressed when you sit and move about. Normally bellybuttons are self cleaning but more people are heavier and have deeper bellybuttons allowing more accumulation to occur.

Todd thoughtfully added this: 

Your shirt. Same thing with toe jam. Where does that come from? Your socks. Lint in your pocket too. Lint likes to stay in places where it won't be bothered.

David K agreed and wrote this: 

I believe it comes from the a combination of the fibers of your shirt plus dead skin. When your skin rubs against your shirt, you create the lint, and the best place for it to collect is the belly button. Otherwise, whatever stays on the surface either gets easily washed away or just falls off your body.

Stephen H. shared this: 

To answer the age old question of where does belly button lint come from...It comes from your clothes. Thats right! When your wearing some sort of shirt and you move around all day small bits of the shirt come loose from general wear and fall down the inside of your shirt. Then it's just a matter of nature's dirt collector, your belly button, taking it in. Sadly its not more exciting than that but now you can feel like a genius and share that with the masses!

Godzilla pondered this thought: 

Your underwear. Small fibers migrate by way of body hair and end up in your bellybutton. The more hair you have in the area, the more lint you accumulate.

Doctor sent us this website: 

This has been well researched. Click Here

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