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Handicapped bathrooms

From:  "Dave R."

If the handicapped bathrooms are for people who cant walk why do they put them at the end of the bathrooms ?

Well this was a very interesting question to ponder... as I thought to myself why do we make the poor handicap people walk all the way to the very back of the bathroom?!?!? I mean honestly haven't they gone through enough without having to walk all the way back there?!? So Sarah was the first one to try and help us solve this unknown crisis:

its much more convenient to put them at the end of the row of stalls because they are larger, although they aren't always at the far end.

transactionregister thought of this interesting fact:  

So that people negotiating there way in and out of them won't block traffic to other stalls

C.H.U.D. faithfully came to our rescue: 

It's a matter of the best layout for a small room such as a restroom. The large handicapped accessible stall is placed at the back of the room because it would block access to the other stalls if placed near the door.

TB aided C.H.U.D.: 

The end of the rest room has a supporting wall that allows for a support bar to be placed. Support bars are designed to support 400 to 500 pounds and the metal partitions used in most rest rooms generally cannot accommodate such requirements. Also having the toilet at the end allows a wheelchair more room to manoeuvre and keep out people's way.

they r watching created this situation for us to ponder: 

as I have said before this is the work of the secret government organization. they do this because many of their undercover agents pretend to be handicapped (for an unknown reason) and at the end of the bathrooms there is a place where they can report in

theMrEman agreed with TB and C.H.U.D. on this situation: 

the reason the handicap bathrooms are at the end is because that is where they can achieve the most space for the stall. if it were in the front you couldn't get past it to go to the urinal.

Bluto finished off the answers with this: 

I assume so that the handles can be attached to a structural wall rather than the thin steel one of the dividers. Also, the tile won't show chair/crutch scratches as much as painted surfaces.

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