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The Cursed First basemen

Status:  Completed (By e-mail...pretty soon we won't even have to think about the answers =P)

Background:  This one is another e-mail from you the loving public (wow we never thought anyone would read the site much less respond to it LOL)

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From: Lily *Last name removed* [mailto:Address Removed]
Sent: Wednesday, November 06, 2002 3:50 PM
Subject: I have a stupid question!


Wow, after trying really hard I think I finally understand how the game
of baseball is played! It wasn't worth the effort, but I do have a stupid question.

When a batter strikes out, and there is no one on base, the catcher
throws the ball to the 3rdbaseman, who throws it to the shortstop, who throws
it to the 2nd baseman, who throws it back to the pitcher...

BUT NOT TO THE 1STBASEMAN....Why not? The only answer I get is that it's

"bad luck"....Like, is the poor guy cursed or something?

I'd really like to know why no one throws it to the first baseman.


Interesting question Lily and thanks for the question we always love a challenge.  We aren't too keen on the ideas of rituals behind sports or how the sports work (Isn't Baseball the one where people get tackled?? J/K) but we do have to admit that we are intrigued by the idea that someone is left out of the loop when there is a ritual taking place (do they get paid more since they are the neglected ones?).  Fear not the truth shall be uncovered even at the expense of all the free time most of the crew has =).


Info:  Well this is another e-mail answer.  It turns out that they do in fact throw the ball to the first basemen after the shutout.  Our theory is that after the first three people the ball continues to build speed until it goes into another dimension...the first basemen being cybernetic organisms that like to go on strike sees this dimension catches the ball and throws it to the pitcher back in our dimension thereby looking like it completely missed the first basemen...we could be wrong though =P.

After posting the answers, Dave Varet emailed us his ideas as to why the first basemen doesn't get the ball thrown to him, let see what he has to say...

Your answer to why the first baseman does not get the ball thrown to him after a strikeout is plain wrong. While the third baseman, second baseman, and shortstop often throw to first to complete an out and like this opportunity to practice throwing, the first baseman rarely need to throw and there fore, in an effort to save time anyway they can to speed up the game (there are about 20 other timesaving rules implemented over the years) but still keep the tradition the first baseman is eliminated from this ritual.


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