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Where does Barney work?

From:  "bamhse"

In the Flintstone cartoon, were did Barney work? And it wasn't with Fred. He rode with him everyday but never arrived with him.

kaisbro gave us his thoughts on the situation: 

At first, it appears that Barney may work at the quarry with Fred, since he bowls on the quarry's bowling team ("The Flintstone Flyer"). The exact nature of Barney's next job is unknown, but Fred inadvertenly gets him fired from it in "No Help Wanted," the 6th episode produced. (Fred explains that he told Barney to "put his broom down"; Barney later remarks that "it wasn't much of a job"). Fred then helps Barney secure a job as a furniture repossessor, but this career is never mentioned again and appears to have been brief. Other temporary positions include travel agent, co-owner (with Fred) of "The Drive-In," and (again, with Fred) private investigator.

David K as always helped us solve the mystery: 

The TV cartoon probably didn't want to show you the seedier side of Bedrock, so you never saw Barney working as a drug dealer, selling rock cocaine, among others......
Actually, in later episodes of the series, he DID work with Fred, but before that, he held various odd jobs, sort of like Cosmo Kramer of Seinfeld. I believe he was a furniture reposessor for a short period of time, and was actually a geological engineer in one episode.

amanda simply answered this: 

In the film the flintstones barney does work in the same place as fred. I know this because they both done the same test to see if they got the office job

Commodore-SirJohn summed it up with this: 

While it was never definitively established where Barney Rubble worked, the general consensus was that he also worked at Slate & Co. with Fred (though in another part of the quarry, as we did see some scenes in the locker room in which they both appeared, but never in the quarry itself).
This was made "canon" in the live-action Flintstones movie of 1994.

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