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Completed by viewers like you =P.

Background:  The next question we are going to do will be yet again from the people (Power to the inquisitive masses)

From: Sex_Sea - [mailto:*Address omitted*]
Sent: Wednesday, November 06, 2002 3:15 PM
Subject: I have a stupid question!

This has probably already been answered before, but here's my stupid
question anyway...

"What are those little plastic things on the tips of your shoelaces

Thanks in advance,

Info:  It almost seems like it should be something we should know off the top of our heads but hey it gives us something to call and check to see how responsive a shoe company can really be.  Then after a few e-mails from some viewers like you. Thanks Ben and the others that e-mailed me the link to get it answered.  It seems those things are called "aglets".  Lord knows who came up with that term. 


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