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Does this cause Alzheimer's Disease?

From:  "kaisbro"

Does Aluminum cause Alzheimer's Disease? I've heard if you smoke out of a pipe (not that I ever have) made of aluminum...it may cause Alzheimer's... Any truth behind this? By the way; you guys rock!

TB faithfully helped us out with this: 

Aluminum is in our food and drink. There is no known verified source for Alzheimer's. There are quite a few reports discounting aluminum as a source. Alzheimer's disease biggest trigger factor is heredity. Other factors may be viral, bacterial or environment. Some people are sensitive to these factors not unlike people who get cancer. Some people smoke for 80 years and never get lung cancer while other never smoke at all get it.

khrysti pointed out this idea: 

I am not sure on the answer but the generations whom have grown cooking out of aluminum pots and pans are the ones with all of the Alzheimer's

amr shalakani gave us his expert opinion: 

u wouldn't get Alzheimer's but you'll get excessive amounts of aluminum deposited in your body....and the first place they like to visit is a place called "the basal ganglia" at the bottom of your brain....if that goes bye bye...then you'll get symptoms which are very close to Alzheimer's. But this process takes years. just the same as u see chronic lead poisoning in plumbers.

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