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Adam and Eve

From:  "Peter Musial"

My girlfriend wants to know whether Eve and Adam had navels.

Well, after a few responses, I believe that we can put this to rest.  We will never know the truth.  But here are the answers that people came up with and we feel are satisfactory. 

The first up to bat was Xach with this cunning response:

The answers and yes I mean answers for that are simple.

answer1; yes they have navels because we have navels, and I know that leads to the root of the question " but the were never in a womb with a umbilical cord" well the Bible says we were all created in Gods Image. So if We have navels and we were created in Gods image then they have Navels because they were also created by him

Answer 2: Yes the had Navels they were on the other tree that they wee allowed to eat from.

Hehe, you thought that you were going to get a definite answer!!!  Ha, that's when Jimmy stepped in.  Here is the other side of the story:

The navel is a side effect of natural human birth. Because scripture proves that Adam and Eve were never "born" through human efforts but Adam was created from clay and Eve from Adam's flesh. Neither needed to be fed through an umbilicus for them to come into existence (Genesis 2:7/23). They were also created "with age" because in two weeks of creation Eve and Adam were married after Adam had named all the "types/kinds" of animals.(dog,cat,mouse) The "scar" or belly button could have never been left behind. Cain and Abel on the other hand both had belly buttons because they came directly from Eve.

Final Thoughts:  Well, kids, as there are two sides of each coin and so you have it.  So take of yourselves and good night :)  Now give me that chair and we can cause a major ruckus.

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