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 "Veni Vidi Vici” why?

Status: Completed

Background:  While sitting down and having our usual assortment of beer and cigs.  We stared blankly at the Marlboro box we realized that it had a Latin (The Dead language not the race) saying on it.  It plainly states, "Veni Vidi Vici” which in rough translation means "We came, We saw, We conquered."  Why would a cigarette company put such a happy saying on ever box?  Well, SQA is going to the phones and going to find out the answer.

Info:  We finally got a hold of Phillip Morris and it turns out there is a simple yet kind of short/not too interesting answer.  It seems they decided they wanted to pay homage to Caesar so they decided to put the famous phrase on the packages of Marlboros.  What struck this webmaster as odd (and a few other people I might add) is why would a company such as theirs or any company for that matter be paying homage to what most everyone considers the greatest Emperor in the history of civilization?  Something tells me there is more to it maybe they feel that since cigarettes are a widely used product all over the world they felt it was a conquest of the world.  Either that or it’s a warning that there will be a very large turnover in the world order and Phillip Morris will own all MWAHAHAHA *ahem* sorry about that...got kind of carried away.

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