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The Express Men switch-a-roo

Express playing a GM, doing a switch-a-roo.

Background:  While looking in our local structure clothing shop we all felt suddenly missed placed into a store that had an outside sign that said structure but everything else said "Express Men" exactly when this took place we don't know because we tend not to get out much.  But why did we turn a perfectly good store into Express Men?  Here at SQA, we are just shocked by all the changes taking place lately, our poor minds cannot handle this, and we must get to the bottom of this.

 Info:  After talking to the corporate office in Columbus.  I realized that I almost understand how corporations think.  They felt that Structure needed a "face lift" a new modernization if you will.  Because Express was their modern woman apparel so someone on top thought that if changed Structure to Express our feeble minds would go "Oh, Express is modern Woman clothes, so Express men must be modern men's clothes." Little did they know that I would rather shop at Structure.

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