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What does this mean? Is it ok??

From:  "Doc Timby"

I have a support 81 shirt and it has666 on the sleeves what is the 666 stand for and is it ok to wear.

Casey gave us this short answer: 

I have an answer for the question about "666". 666 is said to be the numbers of the devil. As to whether or not it is ok to wear, I guess that depends on whether or not the people around you would be offended by those numbers.

Sarah filled us in with this:

about the 81 question. the 81 is another slang used for the hells angels. 8 being the h. as in its rank in the alphabet and 1 being the a. HA. it means. its really just a clothing company but hells angels have really taken it over. I don't suggest you wear it unless your a hells angel...because you'll get a cap bust in yer ass. as for the 666 thing. its got something to do with the devil.. i'm not sure exactly what it is. but the shirt is a hells angels shirt. and id go ahead and wear it...if yer brave. god speed lil buddy....

ElbaliavanU gave us this quote to ponder:

 666 is an evil number. I'm not joking! Revelation 13:18 says "...If anyone has insight, let him calculate this number of the beast, for it is man's number. His number is 666." It's talking about the antichrist and the end of the world... the antichrist will make everyone have this credit card type thing (not necessarily a card) on their hand or forehead to be be able to buy stuff. you CANNOT buy or sell anything without it (revelation 13:16,17). So 666 is the antichrist's number, and the antichrist is a very bad person. so yes, 666 is not a number you should be proud to wear... I hope this helped :)

TB gave us a different perspective on things: 

I have a support 81 shirt and it has666 on the sleeves what is the 666 stand for and is it ok to wear
This is a Hells Angels shirt. 81 stands for the letters HA. 666 represents "Filthy Few Forever", the letter "f" being the sixth letter of the alphabet. Some bikers wear 666 as patches called "Filthy Few" and "Dequiallo" patches. The Dequiallo badge indicates that a member committed an act of violence toward a person in authority or resisted arrest violently. Wearing this shirt says that you support the Hells Angels and violence.

j james concluded with this: 

the 666 is the number of the beast (Satan) that's what it stands for!

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