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Old and Musty

The Disappearance of Void the Noid

The Mr. Rogers trolley car scandal

The Case of the Time Warped Pizza

The Talented Mr. Grimace and others

The case of the mixed up engineer

The Chinese Monopoly


"Veni Vidi Vici” why?


Light at the end of a long tunnel


The honorable woodchuck

Peeing on your feet

The disappearing act of a Meat Puppet

Express Men switch-a-roo

the history of the Roulette

hotel tipping mathematics


why holes

hotel vs. motel

McCartney's ex: the Kodak connection

Old Cartoon???

Calibrating Thermometers

A floating passenger car

You must first dial a 1

do you swear? "no"

Humvee + parachute



Blinks a min

Clicks in Distance.

Die caterpillars

Vindictive Manager

a check to anonymous

Boats, no brakes

It a pronoun?

AA,C,D no B.

Palms, Religion meaning?

Big Apple????Why?

Buggy Sh!t

Cheeky Pins? Nuts?

The case of the not meat...meat

Bette Davis eyes

K in K-mart?

Greater than God?

Kidnappers worst nightmare

The Cursed First basemen

Why Do men have Nipples?

Changing your name

Lethal Injection

Nature of Truth

Weight of Clouds

Which Dave died?

Is God a good role model?

Blink182 and Greenday mystery?

The case of Grapes and Grapefruit


Not So Old

Why is there braille on ATM's?

Round pizza, Square Box?

Where do magnets come from?

Why don't explosive detecting dogs smell owners gun powder?

Christina holding something back?

Turtle without a shell?


What goes "Grape Nuts" mean?

Drivers Ed

Can a duck drown?

Crusty Mustard

We invented it, why do we claim victory?

Adam and Eve created incest??

Milk from a cow?

Drinking and Driving

Adam and Eve, navels.

Paul McCartney dead or alive?!?!

Are you a cannibal?

Scooby's family secrets exposed

Force in gyroscope

Going pant less?

Hells Angels motercycle?

Cheese made from breast milk?

Why the abbreviation for pound?

Buzz... Human or toy?

How many stamps??


Old but not too Old

Where does it all go?!??!

Third, and second world contries?

Evolution and half apes...

Why not alphabetical order?

Suicide commitment....

Driving without shoes?

Can parents really do that?

Shirt buttons?

Leader of the Jewish Community?

The letters of CVS???

Who was in the booth?

Bumper stickers not on bumpers!

Mailing yourself?

Why locks?

Color of tool boxes

Rhymes with Silver...

Does this make me a cannibal?

Who's Erza?

Will we survive?

Jimmy cracks corn??

Space end?

Black, white, or melado?

Ram & Sheep & Donkey

Inventor of braille??

Belly button lint??

The Egg or Chicken?

Touch Wood?


Not Old but Not New

Sexual identity of cows?

Airplanes with windshield wipers?

What if one drowns?

Materials of a fog horn?

Fixin' to answer a question?

French Frites?

Rising oil prices?

Why not tear free??

20 year warranties?

National Anthems

Nickname for Ron Silver??

Titles of roads and why??

Where does Barney work?

Real and Artificial lemons??

Male or Female??

Opposite of uncouth?

The case of the gemstone

What kind of poo?

What was the first book??

Naming of the hamburger

Why stripes on straws?

Wingless fly?

What is the color?

The words to, too and two

How do they do it?

How many rental stores?

Handicapped bathrooms


Not New but Not Old

Do the choose the graveyard shift?

Sesame Street and Mr. Rogers

What are the 3 shells?

Selling of cigarettes?

What is the purpose of the last 4 digits?

8's and 10's

Why not chocolate milk?

Why Marmalade and not Jam?

How long does it take?

Buttered toasts and cats

What's up with the hurricanes?

What does this mean? Is it ok??

Banned cartoons?

Advertising for Certs?

Can I get some info here?

Why do they itch?

Softening and treating fur jackets

What are the names?

Anywhere to staff nurses?

Is it useful?

Declaring War...

Weight-bearing areas?

Any Punishments???


Name the actor

Does this cause Alzheimer's Disease?

When and where?


Close to New but not Quite there

Are they all the same?

Whats on the braille signs?

Why make caskets water tight?

How many chickens?

How do we know we aren't color blind?

In the year...

What is this in diet pop?

The mass of dollar bill

What is EMO?

How many grams of fat?

How much is a gross?

Why flat and not round?

Will your headlights work?

Whats the first thing you know?

Why red, green, and yellow??

Love at first sight?

The color of the moon

Can you move?

Are they like their parents?

Constellation Patterns?

If you do this 50 times...

Substitute for rubber cement?

Who can play in the play offs??

Is it poisonous?

What are the protein needs?

How many race?

Who wrote this song?


Wanna Be New

How can this be?

Why is it 1?

Why with a question mark?

Wheres the rubber at?

What color do the smerfs change?

What is this song about?

How does it stick?

Why are they called stoners?

What is the air-speed velocity?

What does this word mean?

When thinking?

Why do they spell it T-H-R-U?

Trick or treat age?

Why is there an opening?

Why on the left wrist?

Siblings planning weddings

To float or not to float..

What is the song?

Why isn't it free?

Why aren't they veggies?

How did this get named?

The three components

Whats with our body temperature?

Why aren't they surprised?

Who is that?!?!

How many stamps?

Whats going on with this?


So close to new I can taste it

Can they be detected?

Do they make him swear on a Bible?

What is the definition???

What is the name?

Why cold and wet?

What kind of officer?

Which should I choose?

How much can you sleep?

What is socialism?

How fast?

What did you do?

Why celebrate?

How many licks?

Who or whom is right?

Over, over, over, over, over....

Why is it 9/10ths?

Who married who?

What is this....

Can someone solve the most ask question?

Why this color?

How much deeper??

How did this get named?

Does this exist?

What population?

Fruit or Veggie?

When can you see it?

Why so much recognition?

What do we call this?

Who are we?

Didn't they need tools?

Is this good to use?















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These are questions that we first came up with to start the site.  Some of them were self generated, others began to e-mail us when we were featured on Web Site Wednesday on EHOWA.  These are in the order that they were answered, not received.  We never thought we would actually need an Archive section but people are e-mailing us faster than we can post.

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