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Real-Time Weather from Fairlawn, Ohio

This site is



View my station and any other Internet "Active Weather" station worldwide in near real time using the WV32 Active Viewer software. Download your FREE copy by clicking the spinning WV32 Active link above and follow the directions listed here to configure and begin receiving real time weather station data from the web.

Here's how!

After downloading the software, click on the "activesetup" icon and follow the simple installation directions.

When the installation is finished run the program by clicking on the "Active Weather" icon.

The program will display the "Weather View 32 Active Weather Viewer" window.

Select the Edit tab and click on Enter/Edit HTTP Server Paths.

Enter this sites name KA8OAD and the URL http://pages.sssnet.com/kend.

When finished click the Close button.

Up to nine other sites may be added using the same procedure. The stations URL can be found under the spinning WV32 Active animation on most sites that support Active Weather or click on the spinning anemometer link below to see a listing of known Active Weather sites from the Weather View 32 web site.

When you have finished adding stations, connect to the Internet. Using the Select WV32 Active Site to Monitor dropdown box select the desired station to view. Once a station has been selected you should begin to receive realtime weather data from that station.