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Thursday August 20th, 1998

Major Updates

Today, I added two sponsors and got a counter that werks(cool)! Anyway, that's about all I added today, I guess it's not that major, but it's cool. Be sure to use the Bottom Dollar search above. It will go out and search for the lowest prices on all kinds of merchandise.

HORDEfestival--July 21st 1998(Part 2)

I know I promised part 2 in a few days, but I didn't get around to it. Well, here it is now:

The hilight of the night had to be the Smashing Pumpkins! They rock. Although sales of "Adore" have been much lower than Billy Corgan had expected, I think that this album may be the best of all previous albums. Anyway, their set lasted about 75 mins, and was so awesome. I'm used to hearing no bass in their live stuff because of the lack of bass on the videos i have, so I was blown away by the deep and pounding bass I felt in songs like Ava Adore and Perfect. Blank Page was especially beautiful, but was not as effective because it started pouring then and people started sliding down the grass, which was cool, but it took away from the beauty of the song.

Anyway, I don't have much time, so this will conclude my review of the HORDEfestival. Thanks for tuning in!

Sunday August 1st, 1998

My thoughts on Win98

I don't have the win98 upgrade and really don't plan on it. I find it amazing that more than 1 million people have already been suckered into making the upgrade when in fact win98 offers hardly any advantages over win95. The only advantage is speed increase possible with the use of the new and improved Disk Defragmenter. I guess one other Advantage would be USB support.

Solid Computers

I'm going to be getting a new computer before I head back to school, and most likely it will be from solid computers. They really aren't that well known, but they do know what they're doing. Check out their website for more info. They have the most options I have found than any other computer manufacturer(i.e. Gateway, Dell, Compaq, etc.).

HORDEfestival--July 21st 1998(Part 1)

Did anyone go to the HORDEfestival at Blossom on July 21st? I did! It was great and the Smashing Pumpkins rocked! They are my all-time favorite band and all of their music rules. If you haven't heard their album "Adore" yet, you have to get it. Currently, I have about 15 of their CDs(that's counting singles and bootlegs). But about the concert...

The first band I saw was BNL(Barenaked Ladies). As one of the great live bands of today, they put on quite a show with added humor. There was a vendor called "Burrito Oasis" selling none other than...burritos. But anyway, the guys in the band(between songs) were like joking around, and one of them gets into this really comercial-like voice. He enunciates very slowly and monotonously "You're wandering this desert and all of the sudden, you can't believe your eyes...a giant mound of...burritos! You've found the miraculous burrito oasis." And then they go off on this psychadelic guitar riff.

Well, I don't have time right now to finish this. I should have Part 2 up in a few days.

Tuesday July 14th, 1998

A New Return

Hello and welcome to my return to web authoring. Without an update for about a year, I've decided to get back in the swing of things and see if I can provide some kind of service with my page. I don't have any ideas as to how I'm going to go about that though. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

News Arrangement

OK, all of the news has been organized by year and month now, you can check it out below or in the table of contents to the left.

Need to Get New Counter

Alright, I know it, my counter doesn't work. I think I noticed it sometime in December, but didn't have a chance to fix it from school. Well, anyway, the search is on again for a new counter.

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