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Welcome to The Byte Doctor's Avatar Pages!

Oops! It seems that IE 4.x users haven't been able to see my AV pages properly, if at all, for some time. Sorry 'bout that, it should be fixed now. Thanks to those who reported the problem and helped me get it fixed!

First, let me give thanks to Ingrid, who not only nagged me to death till I got to work on them ;-), also created most of the graphics on the Avatars pages.

Second, the avatars found on these pages are all original creations by The Byte Doctor. Please do not post these avatars on any other pages, I worked very hard to make them, and although imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, plagarism sux!

If you like them, let others know, and drop me a line or sign my guestbook. I will try to add more as time and web space permit. In the mean time, enjoy!

Click on one of the category buttons in the left frame to take you to the Avatars, Tours, and Paired Avatars I've made for your use and enjoyment. Be sure to visit the other links there too: My Home page, Chat pages, KD's Awesome Avatars, and especially Ing's AV & Gesture Links, it's the most comprehensive collection of links around!

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